ICER 2022
Sun 7 - Wed 10 August 2022 Lugano, Switzerland

ICER 2022 will take place in Lugano in the mediterranean part of Switzerland, in the southern foothills of the alps, about an hour from Milan, Italy, and two hours from Zurich, Switzerland.

Free Public Transportation Ticket with your Hotel Stay

If you stay at a hotel in Ticino (the state in which Lugano is located), your hotel will provide you with a free ticket for public transportation.

For example, you can use that ticket to use the buses within the city of Lugano. Here s a map of the bus network:

Lugano TPL bus network map

Note that this ticket does not include rides on touristic trains and gondolas up the mountains and boat rides on the lake. It does include train rides within the state (e.g., you can go to Bellinzona to visit the three castles, or to Locarno to see the other lake) and post bus rides up to many of the small villages up in even the more remote valleys.

Lugano, a City in Ticino, Switzerland

Lugano is a small Swiss city with about 65000 inhabitants, but it’s one of the larger cities in Switzerland in terms of area. That area includes some of the mountains and valleys surrounding the city, and of course parts of the picturesque lake that forms the border with Italy.

Lugano lies in beautiful Cantone Ticino, the Swiss state in the southern foothills of the alps, and thus has a Mediterranean climate, mixing palm trees with snow capped mountains (and in winter we even have snow capped palm trees). Lugano is the biggest city in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. It combines Italian culture, food, and language with Swiss reliability and a strive for perfection.

After Zürich and Geneva, Lugano is the third financial center of Switzerland. It has an astonishing infrastructure for a city its size, combining world class cultural venues, beautiful shopping streets in the historic center, a dense public transportation network reaching the many surrounding villages, valleys, and mountain tops, beautiful historic architecture, and spectacular natural beauty. Lugano is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The city also hosts the Swiss National Supercomputing Center with the fastest computer in Europe, the University that is the venue for ICER 2022 (USI), and a University of Applied Science (SUPSI).

USI - The University of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland

The ICER conference venue, USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), is a young small research university with the main campus in the center of Lugano. The Faculty of Informatics is one of the larger Swiss computer science departments with a strong research focus and small but carefully crafted educational programs taught in English.

USI is a young and lively university, with 3350 students and about 1000 professors and researchers, coming from 99 countries.

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