ICER 2022
Sun 7 - Wed 10 August 2022 Lugano, Switzerland

While lunch at the university and the banquet dinner are taken care of, you may want to explore local restaurants for dinner the other days.

There are a lot of restaurants in and around Lugano. Here are some recommendations (but there are many, many more):

  • Anema e Core – Napoli-style seafood and pizza, at the Cassarate river, with outdoor seating under the trees near campus
  • Canvetto Luganese – artisanal restaurant operated by Fondazione Diamante, a local social enterprise with inclusiveness at its core, near campus
  • Antica Osteria del Porto – at the Cassarate river near the lake
  • Ciani Lugano – in the building near the lake where the Ukraine Recovery Conference just happened
  • SEVEN – fusion cuisine, above the Casino, with some lake view
  • La Lanchetta – lounge/bar/ristorante directly at the lake
  • La Cucina di Alice – small but great, across the street from the lake, near downtown
  • AnaCapri – at the train station with a great view over the city
  • Piccolo Vigneto – local cuisine in a vineyard, half-way up Monte Bre, with a great view over the Lugano bay (but harder to get to)

Also check out Lugano restaurants on TripAdvisor or in the Lugano Tourist directory Lugano Region “Gastronomy & Traditions”.