ICER 2022
Sun 7 - Thu 11 August 2022 Lugano, Switzerland

Call for Participation

The WIP Workshop is a dedicated 1-day workshop for ICER attendees who hold terminal degrees (typically PhDs) or are established computing education researchers to provide and receive friendly, constructive feedback on works-in-progress. The workshop is not open to current graduate students. PhD students should consider the ICER Doctoral Consortium, instead. To apply for the workshop you will specify a likely topic about which you’ll request feedback. WIP participants will be assigned to thematic groups with 4–6 participants.

Two weeks before ICER, participants will submit to the members of their group the types of feedback sought and a 2–4 page primer document to help prepare others to discuss the work. At WIP, depending upon group size, each participant will have 45–75 minutes to provide context, elicit advice, support, feedback, and critique. Typically, one of the other group members acts as a notetaker during an individual’s time in order to allow the presenter to engage fully in the discussion.

The WIP Workshop is a great way for career researchers to make progress on some tricky piece of work or thinking, around which discussion with peers always helps. In turn, your reflections and observations on others’ work will really help them, and, no doubt, take your own thinking forward in unexpected ways too.

This year, since the conference is running in hybrid mode, the WIP workshop will also have both face-to-face and on-line sessions to enable any attendee to take part.

Hence, WIP will be the right experience for you, if you would like to provide and receive constructive advice, support, feedback, or critique on computing education research issues such as:

  • A kernel of a research idea
  • A grant proposal
  • A rejected ICER paper
  • A study design
  • A qualitative analysis approach
  • A quantitative analysis approach
  • A motivation for a research project
  • A theoretical framing
  • A challenge in a research project
  • The goal of the workshop is to provide a space where we can receive support and provide support.


  • Jun 12th, 2022 (AoE): Submission deadline
  • Jun 14th, 2022: Notification of acceptance by WIP co-chairs
  • Two weeks prior to ICER – Participants submit their white paper to other participants
  • Evening before WIP – Informal chat session and tech checkin to troubleshoot technology issues
  • WIP will run on Sunday 7th for in-person participants, just prior to the conference. For on-line participants, we are targeting Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th, depending on numbers and geographic locations.

Applying for the WIP Workshop

To apply to participate in the WIP workshop, please submit a 1-page overview of the project you’re most likely to present to the group. Also, include a brief description of your previous research and areas of expertise you would offer the group. While no specific format is required, your submission should include:

  • Your current professional affiliation and title
  • Project title
  • Project description (1–3 paragraphs)
  • Stage of the project when WIP will occur (conceptual, new, on-going, near complete)
  • Type of feedback would you most like from WIP participants (possible research questions, design, critique, related works, fit with publication venues, etc.)
  • Your research experience (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods; study design; human subjects research; K-12, undergraduate, graduate, or professional contexts)
  • An indication of whether you expect to attend in-person or on-line

Submit your application to the HotCRP instance:

Accepted participants will then be required to prepare and submit a white paper (2–4 pages) to serve as a primer for all workshop participants. White papers are not published in the conference proceedings.